The Integral Human Development is one of human’s most priority and essential area. It is also one of the nation’s primary goal and principle as stipulated in the constitution. Education is a need and necessity for human integral development.

However, in this part of world, education has not effectively eventuated as expected. The shortage of skilled human teacher resource in teaching elementary and community school classes had caused a dramatic limitation of student enrollment. Therefore less number of students are being selected to continue from community school grade six to continue at other primary schools in the district. 

The old type of schooling system of education which is called 'Community School 'is still being used apart from the upgraded level called 'Primary Schooling.'

However, at present, the newly established Community School in the ward council is in the process of adapting and moving over to Primary Schooling level. 

The people are aiming to utilizing the new school facilities and human resources which is a most important step in this area to enhance student’s knowledge and which is a paramount step for this generation and also those of tomorrow.