DMAI or Daburap Mutuhan Association Inc is located in Ward 13th of Oksapmin LLG in Telefomin District of Sandaun Province of Papua New Guinea. It is one of the most remote places where all the goods and services of the government is lacking. It is a 110km away from the nearest mining town of Tabubil in the Western province.

People of Daburap have one common spoken language “the Oksapmeng" which is believed to have originated from highlands region of Papua New Guinea.

Parental responsibility in the area is that most kids are easily identified with their their mothers for those whose fathers are working in the other town centers of PNG or the Oktedi Mining Limited and Kiunga of the Western province.

Daburap  Council Ward is in rapid population growth. It consist of small villages which have a total head count of 2, 017 people (adults). Table below shows the eligible voters census prior to the provincial and national election in 2017. 


The bar graph below shows four major categories that make up the population which then are grouped into Educated and Non Educated persons.


Daburap Ward Community consist of three sections: Daburap 1 & 2, Bakanap 1 & 2, and Yentanap 1 & 2. Villages in these three sections respectively are: Hohlomkut, Kukandap, Telesha, Hipex and Agita; Humuleng, Sipeti, Doweti, Sangkak, Dalwap and Kombit; and Dakala, Dapeng, Kapethagan, Tikei, Walegan and Yaputbut of the last section.

Although there are three different sections of Daburap Ward community, the type of living standard, challenges and hardships are the same to all. Women, children and men face everything together.

As previously mentioned, the only link between villages is by means of foot tracks (bush tracks). Across rivers and creeks, makeshift bush material footbridges are being built across them for crossing over to the other side. Walking to the Oksapmin Station where Local Level Government Office is takes a whole day which is about 20-30 kilometers.


Subsistence Farming is common in our area as rare modern agricultural methods introduced. Vegetables and crops are heavily grown having a healthy yield. But due to its remoteness, there are limited marketing places to sell our crops and vegetables so they are consumed within the community. 

However, there are only very few opportunities when the locals go out to sell their garden produce in Tabubil and Kiunga of the Western province by the twin otter MAF Aircraft.

Daburap Mutuhan Association's organizational and managerial interim office bearers being occupied. All other vacancies will be appointed and occupied  to any eligible Daburap ward members and registered members of the Association. The officers are subject to be reviewed and change in accordance with the association's laws and rules set up. Click the link bellow and click open the link view the officers. 

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The association has identified and set up our ward Project Identification Development Plan (PIDP) align with Oksapmin LLG and Telefomin district rural development plan. Click the link bellow and click open link and open to view for more information to view Daburap ward projects.